ABOUTManna Church Capital Area

/// WE DO 3 THINGS...

At Manna Church, we do three things: We love God; we love each other; and we love the world. We do this through the following:

Love God - we strive to provide inspiring worship experiences. We call them “experiences” because our goal is to passionately pursue the Presence of God and make much of His glory. Though we are one church that meets in many locations, each of our experiences is designed to meet this goal.

Love each other - we believe that the church of Jesus Christ is not a building or a location or even just a weekend experience. We believe that the church is people, and people were created to be in relationship. Our church engages in relationship and discipleship through our small group system.

Love the world - we believe that our job is to change the world. That is why we prioritize an aggressive outreach strategy.